Lake Ontario, ON - Nailani Cavero

My Watermark is Lake Ontario.

Lake Ontario is important to me because most of my memories from different things we’ve done there, like surfing and stand-up paddle-boarding. We’ve gone to the beach front by my dad’s work, Sugar Beach (I think), and Bluffers Park, and different places, but I forgot their names.

In Sugar Beach one time, we went with my dad’s friend from Toronto Island, he came stand-up paddle boarding with us, so we grabbed ours and went with him around the Lake, and it was really fun. There is no beach there, there is a fence. We somehow slipped through the little bar-y things and stayed away from the boats just in case. I went for a swim in Sugar Beach in Toronto. Not a lot of people have done that – I have never seen people do that.

One time I saw a lot of fish when we were by the shore. They were really cool because I haven’t seen much fish in Lake Ontario. Sometimes at the bottom of the lake I see those little wire-things that come from buildings, and it’s kind of pointy so I’m afraid to go to the bottom of the Lake sometimes.

Lake Ontario, ON
Claire Lawson
Nailani Cavero

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