Pigeon Lake, ON - Sharon Kemp

My Watermark is Pigeon Lake, Ontario.

My husband and I live on the North End of Pigeon Lake, South of Nogies Creek, on the Trent-Severn, technically in Trent Lakes. I have been a resident there since 1968. When I was 12 my dad built a cottage on a piece of property and we have gone there every summer since. Since 2009, I’ve lived there full time. My husband has renovated our cottage into a beautiful home, and we love living on the lake, four seasons.

I raised my children there. My boys and I would go up every summer, spend the summer there, and that was our home. They learned to swim, ski, canoe, sail, and I have the best memories of living on the lake. It meant the world to me and I recall so many happy times just watching the boys and their friends.

Pigeon Lake, ON
Allison Hunt
Sharon Kemp

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