Lake Ontario, ON - Alexandria Clement

My Watermark is Lake Ontario, ON.

Hi I’m Alex Clement. I am fortunate enough to live close and within proximity of Lake Ontario in downtown Toronto. I spent a lot of time there over the years. I've also been able to go down there with my dog and he would chase the birds around and I’d go down there with my family. Being within walking distance of Lakeshore in Toronto is super fun. I remember going down there when I was really young with my grandmother. We would bring bread and feed all the birds. To a lot of people, it may seem gross. But if you enjoy going down there, it is just a part of it. It is a lot of fun. I'm super glad that I get to live near there and it is awesome. Summer winter, every season, there is always something fun to do down there, something to see. Even if there is nothing going on or if you have no plans, it is always great just to walk down there. You get such a good view, to see the whole sky and all the water. It is just really great. I like it.

Lake Ontario, ON
Alexandria Clement
Alexandria Clement

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