Lake Huron, ON - Adam Kovacs

My Watermark is Lake Huron.

Hi, my name is Adam. This is my Watermark. I'm gonna tell you a story about when we were down at the swamp or the beach. I remember me and my family, we went down and we were expecting a beach. When we went down, we showed up and we got nothing but this bubbling swamp full of muck and mud and we didn’t know what was going on. We were all quite disappointed that we couldn’t actually go in the water and swim. Not that we wanted to, it was pretty cold.

But instead what we did as a family was we started getting these big rocks, like a flat triangle rock, and we started throwing them into the muck. Every time we threw it in, it made the sound of a fart. We all thought it was really funny so for about half an hour we threw rocks into the swamp making fart noises bringing out the inner child in everybody.

Lake Huron, ON
Miles Smith
Adam Kovacs

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