Etobicoke Creek, ON - Bhaven Moorthy

My Watermark is Etobicoke Creek.

My name is Bhaven Moorthy and I’m choosing to speak on the Etobicoke Creek. I spent my entire time living a short distance from the creek and because of this I've been able to share a lot of different memories with a lot of different people. Some by myself, but some with my friends as well as some with my family. I’ve always enjoyed going for walks, I’m a really big fan of going on walks in different seasons. I love seeing the creek frozen over in the winter almost as much as I love seeing all the birds and all the nature that exists in the summer. One of my more specific memories was when I was walking along the creek with one of my friends. He actually saw a deer, and that was the first time I had ever seen an animal in the wild like that in its element. We didn’t get too close to it or anything but it was such a surreal experience to have with my friends. I have been able to experience so many things because of this creek. I’ve been able to learn so many things through the experiences and just by the fact that I’ve grown up around this creek so I’m very thankful for that. I think everybody should have the opportunity to be blessed by the waterbodies that can exist so close to home.

Jai Boyal
Bhaven Moorthy

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