Etobicoke Creek, ON - Katrina Moczerad

My Watermark is Etobicoke Creek.

My name is Katrina Moczerad and my Watermark is Etobicoke Creek. I grew up in Mississauga and growing up near water went hand in hand with family. Me personally I have always been really active, growing up, whether it was hiking, running, hiking, fishing, canoeing, or kayaking, I've always been drawn to the water and nature. I remember growing up I used to always run cross country along the creek.

Now lately it’s been turned into biking. I recently got a new bike and I’ll never forget hearing my mom tell the story as I wanted to bike from Mississauga to Toronto along the creek. Her and my dad and my aunt had biked along the river thinking that this trail was just going to loop around but really they ended up all the way in Toronto and could not make it back.

Jai Boyal
Katrina Moczerad

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