Lake Ontario, ON - Marek Balinski

My Watermark is Lake Ontario, ON.

I like sail boat racing and the racing here is very good. Usually we’ll have around 50 boats on the starting line each week. This is something that is very unique in the world; I don’t know if there is any other place where there are so many boats, plus so many good sailors who sail these boats. It’s a really good learning experience for some of the larger regattas -- how to stay behind boats, how not to get tangled up, and how to be a good sailor.

These boats are about 15 feet long, they have two sails (the jib and the mainsail), and two people race them usually. There are teams that sail with each other for years and understand each other very well; they must collaborate on everything. Although there is a bit of travelling with racing (to Ottawa, Kingston, Eastern United States), there are six or seven regattas just here in Toronto every year. In Toronto on Lake Ontario, it really is the centre of the world for racing these kind of small sailboats.

Lake Ontario, ON
Dana Jackson
Marek Balinski

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