Trent River, ON - Martha Scott

My Watermark is the Trent Canal.

I grew up in Campbellford, Ontario, about an hour and a half east of Toronto, on the Trent Canal. Back in the day, we didn’t have a swimming pool for our little town of 3500 people, so when we took swimming lessons, you started out on the beach and then moved to swimming area right in the canal.

Now I’m here in Toronto and sail at Mooredale. I was a member at the sailing club many, many years ago and just re-joined this year, so it’s really my first year back sailing. What brought me back is the desire to get back in connection with the water. I’m really a water person: swimming, scuba diving, and sailing. It’s become apart of me and it’s what I enjoy.

Trent River, ON
Dana Jackson
Martha Scott

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