Nelson Lake, ON - Julien Laferrière

My Watermark is Nelson Lake, Ontario.

I grew up in Sudbury, Ontario – a little further up north. I grew up fishing, camping, and going boating. There’s one lake called Nelson Lake, probably no one else in the world knows it, but it’s a special place for me. It’s a crystal clear blue lake and I have so many memories there. Whenever I think of water I think of my happy place at Nelson Lake, Northern Ontario. It’s a pretty small lake, far up north, with no cell phone service, and not too many people camp there, but I spent a lot of time there as a kid.

I like to go swimming and fishing, pretty sure mostly Lake Trout. Those days are behind me now; last time I was there was probably a few years ago. I haven’t done much (outdoor recreation) since I moved to the city to play music. I’ve been playing with Kasador for 6 or 8 months now and we’ve been on the road. I can say I don’t even really live in Toronto because half the time I’m in Kingston or on the road – it’s crazy, but a lot of fun. A day will come when we will get to go together as a group and go to this beautiful body of water.

Nelson Lake, ON
Dana Jackson
Julien Laferrière

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