Kingston Waterfront, ON - Su Sheedy

My Watermark is the Kingston Waterfront.

So many accumulated memories from all the times we packed up a picnic lunch or dinner and headed to the shoreline just down the street. My kids have grown up knowing these long lolly days of swimming, eating, and boating along Kingston’s downtown waterline. We would stay for hours and hours until I’d wrap my kids in blankets when the weather turned and we’d return home exhausted and totally happy.

The Kingston Waterfront is important to me because it’s the main focus of my active life. Living just blocks away from the shore we naturally gravitate to the water for swimming, boating, biking, skating, picnicking, and sometimes just to feel the wind on our faces while viewing the vast stretch of water, which brings peace of mind. It also brings chance meetings with people who gravitate to the water as well. My hope is that the Waterfront Plan continues its focus on connection. Connecting pathways from Bay to Bay for walking, connecting boats and swimmers by making the shoreline more accessible, while maintaining as much as possible its natural habitat. Green space should be preserved and at best expanded to welcome more people and events toward and in the water.

Dana Jackson
Su Sheedy

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