Youghiogheny River, USA - Kristy Meyer

My Watermark is the Youghiogheny River, Pennsylvania.

I’m from Columbus, Ohio and I’m with the Ohio Environmental Council. Each year my husband and I take our children down the Youghiogheny and Pennsylvania (Rivers) and we whitewater kayak with them. We first took our children when my son was four and my daughter was seven. We ourselves really enjoy whitewater rafting, getting out into the mountains and the water; disconnecting from all the technology and reconnecting back to the land and water.

We wanted to share that love with our children (and) they love it themselves. In fact, my daughter is now nine and my son’s six, and my daughter is saying she is ready to kayak on her own. We really enjoy the time, a couple hours out on the river, just hanging with the family, talking about the nature and the beauty of what surrounds us. And then we camp all weekend. It’s a great time!

Matthew Chisholm
Kristy Meyer

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