Atlantic Ocean - Evalyn W

My watermark is the Atlantic Ocean.

When I was young at the Atlantic Ocean, I went whale-watching with my family. I remember waiting at the docks, anticipating the moment when the boat would arrive. When it finally pulled into the dock, I ran aboard, with my family towing behind me. When everyone was on, the boat hummed, splashed and chugged out to sea.

When I was young at the Atlantic Ocean, I explored the Captain’s quarters. I flipped through the captain’s log, stared at the map and took control of the wheel. I watched jealous, as both of my older sisters got to steer, but eventually, it was my turn. With a little help from my parents, I captained the ship, and thankfully didn’t crash.

When I was young at the Atlantic Ocean, I observed the great mammals of the ocean. I saw sleek pilot whales, majestic humpback whales and small black dolphins. I heard the click of photos being taken, and the spatter of water as the creatures disappeared into the depths of the water. I recall the excitement every time I heard a sploosh, knowing that when I looked over the edge of the boat I’d get to see marine life.

I savored every moment of my time at the Atlantic Ocean, the feel of the salty spray on my face. Even the few times I drifted off while we waited for the appearance of an animal. On that boat, having one of the best times of my life, we took a family photo together. Now, I have a forever reminder of our time at the Atlantic Ocean.

Atlantic Ocean, NL
Evalyn W

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