Thames River, ON - Alexis K

My watermark is the Thames River.

When I was young at the Thames River, I used to run along the edge of the water, kick the rounded stones around, and splash in the clear water, watching as the fiery leaves of fall would try to stay afloat in the bubbling water.

When I was young at the Thames River, I would delicately fold paper boats, carefully wrap them up in cellophane, and carelessly toss them in the water. I would sit there until it either sank into the depths of the river, or swam away beyond my line of sight.

When I was young at the Thames River, there would always be a lot of life around me, wildlife especially. One of my favourite past times was to chase around all the innocent ducks at the river's edge. They would always squawk at me, flap their feathery wings, and fly to the center of the river where I couldn't reach them.

As the tide rose for spring I would sit on one of the rocks and gaze out at the nature and life around me. It would calm me. The chill breeze would rustle my hair, the lapping waves sent a tingle down my spine, and the cool of the stone would seep through the soles of my shoes. Sometimes, when I was young, I would spend hours in that park, as I was living alongside the River Thames.

Thames River, ON
Alexis K

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