Lake Memphremagog, QC - Jean-Gabriel M-A

My watermark is Lake Memphremagog

When I was young at the Lake Memphremagog, the whole village was sharing the legend that there is a monster in the lake so me and my brother we look for it, we never saw it but we saw whale, fish, water snail and all other sort of things you can think about.

When I was young at Memphremagog, I and my grandpa would go on a boat,beach or bridge and start fishing or hunting. I can still remember the sound of the wild pig that were in the forest or the wind going threw the tree even the smell of the campfire we would make with the goody marshmallow hmmmmmmm.

When I was young at Memphremagog, I always want it to go in the forest or look at the insect in the water, catch frog and hunt duck eat duck was really the best part of it I think. Sometime we would go in the pool and the morning duck would be in I and that was funny i and my cousin would go at the beach and make a big castle, dig a hole and put the other one in it or just play in the water. My grandma was always taking picture of use and this is why I love my watermark.

My grandpa would wake us up to go at the beach at 5:00 in the morning to see the sun waking up. Sometime stranger would come because of where we were at and most of them would speak English but they were playing with us sometime and that was so funny.

Jean-Gabriel M-A.

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