Buckhorn Lake, ON - Rayhan Srivastav

My Watermark is Buckhorn Lake, Ontario.

I personally love to be outdoors. When my family and I go on trips to cottages and beaches, it’s really relaxing. It reminds us of how lucky we are to have this opportunity to get outdoors and live happily and freely. My family and I travel to cottages out in the Kawartha Lakes Region, Muskoka and many other places in Ontario. This is the time when you can get out of the busy schedule, out of the city, and just relax. Water bodies create a welcoming scenery and allow you to connect yourself to nature and explore the beauty of it.

One of my passions is mountain biking, and I enjoy riding along the trails near the lake in the nice cool breeze. After being to these cottages and lakes, I felt a connection build with my family and friends. Speaking of which, I live right near a major water body in Toronto, The Humber River. “The Humber watershed has provided a home for many in the past 12,000 years, first for Aboriginal peoples and later for European explorers and settlers.”1 Humber River is a connection which I have since my childhood considering it is right in my backyard. It was a connection to people 12,000 years ago, and still is today.

Out of all the places I have been to going to Curve Lake in the Kawarth Region was very memorable. My family trips to the cottages, connect us as a family, and we get to spend quality time with the people we love and all the people who care for us. It is always an exciting experience because of all the activities we do as a family, like fishing, canoeing and boating. It was nice being in the cottage, sitting by the fire outside with everyone and looking at stars, storytelling, and embracing nature.

At Curve Lake, my family and I went to a festival called “The Pow-Wow” during the Fall season about two years ago in 2013. There were many people who attended this native “Pow-Wow” where everyone gathers together near the lake and the natives sell traditional items. There were dances and many festivities that took place including canoeing on the lake. The natives wore bright colours on their traditional outfits. It was very beautiful to see them dance in these colours, just as it was beautiful to see the bright fall colours reflecting off the blue water of the lake.

Just being beside the water and having a good time with friends and family, while experiencing nature like never before, is a great feeling. Water bodies influence me because it bring us together as a family and gives us a chance to embrace the elegance of water and nature.

Buckhorn Lake, ON
Naomi Cardoz
Rayhan Srivastav

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