Buckhorn Lake, Ontario - Brinnel Cardoz-Noronha

My name is Brinnel Noronha and I am a mother of two. I have had many memorable experiences along the water’s edge due to the frequent trips I take to go camping and visit the cottage with my family and friends. My favourite place to visit is particular area and lake called Curve Lake, in the Kawartha Region. This is a place we have visited nearly every year, sometimes twice a year. Some of my most memorable experiences around water include, my 10 year old son who was so proud to show off his swimming skills around the lake by himself last year. It was a big improvement from his first visit where he could barely put his toes in the water. It also always brings a smile to my face whenever I remember last Thanksgiving when my husband’s canoe flipped over, and he was soaking wet from head to toe. He may have lost his phone, but that didn’t stop him from going back out on the water.

A particular thanksgiving stands out last year 2014 when I had a friend of mine visit with her daughter, and we took them out to visit our favourite cottage on Curve Lake. Just relaxing with her and catching up after so long was a wonderful feeling. We sat by the fire in the cold, watching the stars, surrounded by water. I remember taking in the peace and calm as I heard the water lapping, and admired the reflection of the lights on the lake. This brought back memories for me, of times spent with family back home in Bombay, India when we gathered together and shared our stories. The waters took me back home, and allowed me to get away and find my strength after facing the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If it wasn't for this wonderful lake our memories would not be the same.

Buckhorn Lake, ON
Naomi Cardoz

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