Tadake Falls, Japan - Kaede Yoshino

I have many stories with water as I grew up with it. It was and still is a part of my life. My friends and I went hiking at a waterfall called Tadake in my motherland, Okinawa, Japan. I had heard about Tadake Waterfall from my parents but this summer was my first time there.

We trekked 20 minutes through bushes to reach the main body of the waterfall. I would use "pure" to describe it, the elegant melody from the water flowing. There were a lot of foreign visitors whom were trying to walk on top of the rocks in the branches of water. But we stepped into the water to feel it. Every plant, rock and animal fitted into the scene perfectly as if you were in a dream, filled with happiness. I was grateful for nature to gift us something so beautiful.

Bo Li
Kaede Yoshino

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