Lake Ontario, ON - Ian Tran

My Watermark is Lake Ontario.

Our family used to make these short trips to Centre Island, and they were some of the best times in my life. All of my cousins used to join in the family trip which included the ferry ride to the Centre Island and the barbecue there after. These were the fun times, and my cousins and I used to play many games where we could run all over the boat as it was large.

The most important part of the trip however, was at the end of the day, when my cousins and I would look at the water surrounding the ferry. There were multiple ripples in the water that protruded from the edge of the boat and it looked magnificent. The sunset made the water from far look an astonishing purple colour, and it was beautiful to watch.

Just before it got too dark, my cousins and I would go for a swim with our parents. This let us appreciate the water even more. While we would swim and race each other, the water would always be at just the right temperature, not too cold or hot. It is like the water was very welcoming to our visit.

Nowadays, the family does not make these kinds of trips anymore, especially since I am now in college living on residence, there is just not enough time to schedule these events. I miss the connection I had to that water I used to frolic and play in as a child. I hope that when I settle down and have kids, our family can partake in the same trip, so that my kids can appreciate the waterbody that I loved.

Lake Ontario, ON
Senal Peiris
Ian Tran

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