Pacific Ocean, Hawaii - Joyce Lim

Last summer, I went to a gorgeous beach on Oahu, a change from going to beaches on Maui. It was a sunny day and the sand was warm but the water was cold. The sky was a deep blue and the clouds fluffy and white. I went swimming in the ocean and the deeper and further you swam, the colder it got. When I stayed afloat on the surface of the water it was pretty nice, not too cold, the wind moving briney warm air just right across the surface. Thankfully the beach had beautiful heliotrope trees, trees with big leaves that provide complete coverage from the sun so the drinks we bought stayed cold and shaded us. Otherwise, the drinks we brought would have gotten warm and our stuff would overheat.

There were plenty of fish in the water, of many colours. Some were yellow, some were pink and some green, some also looked grey and blue. But there were no red fish. None at all! Later I realized that you can't see red underwater, something I didn't know. Incredible!

I grew up in Singapore which is also an island but nothing can compare to the beaches I frequent in Hawaii. Water has always been a huge part of my life, growing up on two islands. I hope I can get a job working with water. Perhaps on a submarine as a marine biologist.

Maggie Huang
Joyce Lim

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