Caspian Sea, Iran - Rostam Torki

My Watermark is Caspian Sea, Iran.

Before our family moved to Canada, we lived in a small village located near the border of Iran and Russia. It was a nice and peaceful village where the population was quite small. Everyone knew each other and would greet a fair hello and good-day in our native Iranian language and that was fact of life. No big grocery stores, but what we had was a small farmers market, where we would buy our food.

What really interests me the most about my former home was the great big waterbody that was connected to our land. I did not learn a very interesting fact until after our family moved to Canada (when my parents taught me some facts when I became more familiar with geography). This fact being that the waterbody that was connected to our village that I always saw as a child was the Caspian Sea.

The sea that connected the boarders of Russia and Iran. I remembered that the waterbody next to our village was very important not only as a tourist attraction but also as a source of water for our people. It was surprising and this water body not only just supplied our village with water, but gave us life. Without the water, many of villagers who cannot afford to leave the village would have had to suffer.

Our family and the other villagers always cherished the water body for providing us with clean and drinkable water for the people of the village. I now always appreciate that water and hope that the people of our village continue to maintain the clean water that was there fifteen years ago.

Caspian Sea, Iran
Senal Peiris
Rostam Torki

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