Wilcox Lake, ON - Suresh Peiris

My Watermark is Sunset Beach which is part of Lake Wilcox in the Town of Richmond Hill, Ontario.

This beach is located close to my home and I enjoyed taking my son to this beach in the summer as he would get a chance to swim in the clear waters and be close to nature. When he was a little kid I felt safe to let him play near the water as the beach was clean and always monitored by life guards. As he grew older and ventured farther in to the waters, practicing his swim strokes I felt that he should become a life guard so he can also one day contribute to keeping these water bodies safe for kids.

These trips also reminded me of growing up close to a water body where my parents had a house near the ocean. As kids we could just walk to the beach from the house. We would spend hours on the beach playing on the golden sand and swimming in the water. I still have vivid memories of watching the sunset as a little kid. On the trips to Sunset Beach in Canada I always make sure that we stay and watch the sunset which brings back happy memories.

Now that my son is older and is a certified life guard, I am happy that he can be close to water and also make sure everyone is safe. The Sunset Beach area has now been revamped and the surrounding area has been reconstructed so that everyone can enjoy a safe and clean water body.

Wilcox Lake, ON
Senal Peiris
Suresh Peiris

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