Indian Ocean, Mauritius - Xiaoning Wang

My Watermark is the Indian Ocean off the coast of Mauritius.

I love to travel and have been to a lot of places in the world. Since I was young, I have been very prone to illnesses, but the illnesses do not stop me from travelling.

Last April, I travelled to Mauritius, which is an island in the Indian Ocean. The peaceful island joined the blue sky,as well as the emerald sea and the colourful fish. The beautiful seascape there were extremely impressive to me.

During my stay in Mauritius I went to watch dolphins with a tour ship. When the ship arrived at the natural habitat of dolphins, my tour guide said that we could simply jump into the sea and the dolphins would come and swim with us. I could swim, but not very well. I was a scared of the sea, which seemed broad and endless. I was so stressed that I made my life vest get tangled on the ship when I managed to jump from the ship for the first time.

I successfully made my way to the sea in my second try; however, I forgot how to swim suddenly after realizing that my feet could not touch anything in the water. The fear of drowning suddenly arose in my mind, and it made me keep flipping my arms in a fancy way. I shouted “help” for a couple of times in the sea and therefore choked on water. Thanks to the people from the tour ship, I was saved. The dolphins had already swam away when I finally had a chance to watch them.

Yuxin Zhang
Xiaoning Wang

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