Atlantic Ocean, Guyana - Shania Narace

I went to Guyana in 2013 and I saw many different water bodies. There are rivers and small lakes almost everywhere you go, especially in the countryside which is where I stayed for the two weeks that I visited. Behind houses, in the field there were long rivers which the cows, goats and other farm animals in the area got their water from. The water is very murky. It is a brown, dark orange colour.The water was not clean because of all the animals that were using it and because all of the trash that was thrown into it. I went fishing with my uncle and there were many fish but it you couldn’t see under the water because of how murky it was. The fish had to be washed and cleaned thoroughly before being cooked because of the bacteria that it could pick up.

I also went to a beach called 63 Beach, which was much cleaner, but the water was not as clear blue as I thought it would be. It was still a bit brown. The fish at the beach are cleaner and safer than the fish in the rivers behind the houses and in the fields. The beach water doesn’t get polluted as much as the river water.

Fishing in the river was a good experience for me because it showed me that the residents in Guyana catch their own food that could potentially be full of bacteria.There are other water bodies in Guyana where fish live that is cleaner and much safer for them but these water bodies are no where near to where people live. Those are the fish that are sold in the markets and bought by people who live nearby.

Amanda Persaud
Shania Narace

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