Berg Lake, BC - Ryan Cheung

I’ve lived on the east and the west of Canada from Toronto to Alberta throughout the years and I’ve had a number of experiences when it comes to encounters with water. From calm rivers, to clear mountain lakes, high rapid streams, and hard ocean fronts. Out of all my current run-ins with water, one significant memory that will always stick with me happened in British Columbia at Mount Robson Provincial Park on Berg Lake. This body of water is memorable to me for many reasons; it is only accessible by hiking the beautiful twenty two kilometre Berg Lake trail, it sits on the highest peak mountain (Mount Robson) in the Canadian Rockies which is fed by the glacier coming off the mountain edge. To top it off, the colour of the lake is a gorgeous turquoise that is breath taking, still as a sheet of glass with the sun shimmering off of it.

To complete the Berg Lake trail is a feat in itself, but the more rewarding aspect of it all is knowing that this lake is there at the end of the trail. I have never had such an endearing moment with water, after a duress hike in, being able to kick off your shoes and rest your feet in the cold glacier water never felt so incredible. Having my feet soothed by the lake allowed me to take the time to reflect on nature and life itself. Knowing that I am miles away from society I could really appreciated the purity the lake expressed and the serenity it brought allowing me to clear my mind of all my troubles. After taking the time to soak all that in as I enjoyed my lunch, I did the unthinkable and jumped into the lake. Doing so, I have never felt such a rush of enlightenment. Cold yet refreshing the feeling was a sensation and as I surfaced I felt like I was revived with new energy. All troubles were gone and I was stress free. With moments like these you want to savour ever last ounce of it I was even able to captivate it all having taken multiple photos. From quick snaps to panoramic views the photos of the lake will always be able to provide a great sense of peace for me and on top of that a lovely desktop background. All in all, it’s a place I would recommend to anyone to visit so they can see it for themselves. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Berg Lake, BC
Darren Cheung
Ryan Cheung

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