Pacific Ocean, Hawaii - Ashley Krost

For my entire life, I have always lived somewhere where I could see a lake or ocean if I looked outside. I always know where I am relative to water because I can see coasts on all sides of the island from my upcountry home. Maui is my home. It is surrounded by water and the idea of living somewhere landlocked is repulsive to me. I imagine that I would also find myself anxious if I did not know where the nearest body of water is. Water always gives me comfort and relives stress. Many days after school I like to head down to the beach and something is wrong if I have not gone to the beach or pool in over a week, Something about being in the water just makes me feel at ease. The restlessness of the water can make me forget about my restlessness within. It revitalizes me and refreshes me from stress and business of life. To me, water can be a form of healing. It is similar to therapy in the way it takes my mind to a better place. When I need a break from life, I run to the water. I think that is why I would panic if I lived somewhere without the beaches that have become a sense of safety and security for me. If I ever have to live somewhere without a natural body of water nearby I will have lost my great comfort and escape. I am very thankful that I have such a wonderful connection with water and a free and natural form of restoration easily accessible to me.

Maggie Huang
Ashley Krost

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