Hubley Lake, NS - Helen Parker

My Watermark is Hubley Lake, Nova Scotia.

Our backyard pond near Hubley Lake is one of my favourite places. During the spring, summer and fall it is full of life. Hundreds of peepers in the spring start their chorus in the evening. Ducks come diving in. During those seasons, our daily ritual is to walk with the dogs around it and Becky would often decide it was time for a swim. The water lilies are glorious. I guess this is why we decided it was a beautiful spot to get married.

This year we have had a couple of beavers visiting, which we are not quite thrilled about. There are so many places I can think of, but my last is Big Hubley Lake. Imagine, right in our neighbourhood. Here, we have taught our dogs and grandchildren to swim. We canoe and kayak, and fish in the summer, and in the winter you can snowshoe. Every season is special. We have travelled across the country but always we are drawn to the water, whether it be a lake, river or ocean.

Hubley Lake, NS
Ruby Pajares
Helen Parker

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