Lake Huron, ON - Jacob Blaauboer

My Watermark is Lake Huron, Ontario.

My family and I were at the beach and we had the boat and the tube, so we took turns on the tube and if you asked my Dad to go slow he would go faster. It was my turn to go on the tube. When I jumped into the water to get to the tube, it was a tiny bit cold. When I got on the tube my Dad started to go fast, then waves started to go from the boat’s propeller.

The tube and I started to jump and before I knew it, I was in the air without the tube and then I got slammed onto the water. Luckily, I had a life jacket or I would have done a belly flop!

Then Hannah and I got on the tube. Then my dad started to go again and my sister and I promised each other that if one of us fell off, we both would. My sister and I always pretend we’re surfing as a cool trick when we were going slow. We would always fall down.

Then it was time to eat lunch so my sister and I were still on the tube, so we waited until we got closer to the shallow water and then we dragged our bodies behind the tube and I let go when we were close to shore and then I swam the rest.

Lake Huron, ON
Chloe Cross
Jacob Blaauboer

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