Georgian Bay, ON- Addison OG

Ever since I was a kid, every summer I have gone to my cottage. My mom's whole side of the family used to go there; she even went in the winter. The islands along the open water are a big part of those summers. The deeper waters, that first foot into the waves, the warm rocks. When I put on a mask and look under the water, my breath gets taken away every time. The odd fish swimming by, the patches of weeds swaying with the waves, the rocky, sandy bottom, and my family sitting on those warm rocks, my brother swimming too. It is all so special.

The waves out by the islands can be like the ocean sometimes. It is so powerful, it’s incredible.

There are these narrow channels throughout the rocks, which flow to deeper water, with crystal clear water. You can see all kinds of different things happening under water. Sometimes there are huge turtles. Or sometimes even snakes. The shallows and the depths of Georgian Bay are home to so many animals.

I can’t imagine losing this beautiful place. The traditions and the memories.

Georgian Bay, ON
Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Addison OG

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