Anstruther Lake, ON - Shanen M

I’ve always loved going to Anstruther Lake. My family's cottage is on it. There is absolutely no seaweed, which is nice because I don’t like the feel of seaweed tickling my feet. Going tubing and going on the boat is very fun. I love tubing. The water is very, very warm. I love to swim.

I like it when the water is low because there are some rocks at my cottage and sometimes I can see the frogs, salamanders and snakes. In the winter we take my dogs for nice long walks. The water is so clear I can see the bottom.

I haven’t been to my cottage this year, 2020, because my family was very busy.

I feel very connected to Anstruther Lake and I hope I can go back soon.

Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Shanen M

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