Georgian Bay, ON - Aeowyn C.

It was just this past August when I went to Georgian Bay most recently. My grandparents live on the lake and just down the road is our little cottage. It is the same cottage that my mom and her parents spent her whole summer at when she was a kid with her brothers and sisters. My grandparents built this cottage so I feel all of their hard work everytime I look at it.

We have our cottage right on the lake. I always remember looking out to the lake the minute I wake up. Sometimes there are 4 foot waves or sometimes it is perfectly calm. You'll never know; it is always a surprise. All I know is that it will always be there.

I go swimming every day every time I’m there, rain or shine. There can be stripes of dark blue or light in the water, but no matter what shade I will remember why blue is my favorite colour. It is too beautiful to be taken away and it is too beautiful to be man made. It is natural and it shall stay that way.

There are traditions made by my mom which I continue like picking up clay from the bottom of the water and taking it home, eating lunch on the rocks and so many more. I will look out and not see the cottages beside me but the water in front filled with beautiful creatures and loved by my family forever.

Georgian Bay, ON
Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Aeowyn C.

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