Katchewanooka Lake, ON - Calum C

This lake is really important to me because I have lived on it for 10 years now. I have made a ton of great memories living on it. One great memory is when Addy and her brother came over when we were younger and my brother and hers went tubing. They got on the boat, went out on the lake, then threw the tube in the water. They were having fun but when they were on their way back they hit a big wave and it sent the tube flying. They were still holding on while it was spinning 30 ft in the air. Then it came down, upside down and they were still holding on while it was dragging them under the water. Finally, they fell off and floated up to the surface because of their life jackets.

We didn’t use that tube again, however, we got a different one that is right for our weight. I love being on this lake and I hope others can have the same chance to use it as I did.

Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Calum C.

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