Courtice Creek, ON - Connor J

I was 11. After anticipating it for 2 years, I recently moved into my new house. One week passed and it was now fall. I, very curious, wanted to go and see the creek behind our house. The forest isn’t very large, since it is surrounded by houses. Good thing it's protected by a private company, or more houses would be there. So my dad and I walked down the steep hill and went on a small trail path. As we walked, the trees creaked as they swayed in the breeze. People were out walking dogs, going on a stroll, building forts, and fishing. This made the place feel connected to the neighbourhood.

We walked down onto a bigger path, still following the creek. We eventually found an opening. It was a large rock cliff over a deeper park of the creek, and large fish were swimming through. The fish were heading up the river to reproduce; it was that time of year. The creek widened and cleared, the fish jumping out to fight the stream of water. Litter was to a minimum even on land, while the trees surrounding it gave shade. The view was stunning. We left before it got dark, happy to find that cliff. One year passes and they build a bridge and path through the forest that destroys the beauty of that cliff. I still walk through there, and show most of my friends. But, I will never forget the time I found that hidden cliff over the creek.

Courtice Creek, ON
Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Connor J.

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