Mediterranian Sea, Italy - Hibah T

We were on vacation in Italy in August 2019. We had decided to go and see the wonders of the Amalfi Coast. At the time, I didn’t like beaches. They seemed boring and I wasn’t a big fan of laying around on a beach blanket or swimming all day. But I knew I was wrong when we got there.

The water was definitely my favourite part. The sunshine really made it sparkle. It was like seeing a rainbow float on water. The water itself was the clearest I have ever seen. You could see right to the bottom. There were a ton of creatures including fish, crabs, starfish, and so many more things that I thought were really cool. When I got in the water to swim, it was cool, soothing, and it seemed like all the worries of the world washed away. I already liked swimming at the time, but this seemed to make my love for it even more significant.

It also wasn’t like other beaches. It wasn’t muddy and it wasn’t full of pollution and it made me feel good that people living there and visitors weren’t trashing the place. I really want it to stay that way so that others can see the beauty of this body of water. I want it to stay that way so that the sea creatures can thrive and can have a chance at life. I have always been taught to respect the creatures around me because if they don’t do anything to you, it’s not fair that you kill them for no good reason. They deserve a chance at life too. I want people to acknowledge the fact that this isn’t just a sea. It’s a home. It’s a place to have fun. It’s a place to look at beauty. It’s the Mediterranean Sea.

Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Hibah T

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