Lighthouse Cove, NL - Sophie A

The Atlantic Ocean, Of Lighthouse Cove, Quirpon Island, Newfoundland: It was the ninth day of our vacation in Newfoundland, and we were ready for the 5.3 km hike. The plan was to hike to the Lighthouse Inn and stay there for a night. We hiked for a long time until the sun began to sink in the sky. Once we arrived and ate, it was time to explore. We saw many views of the lighthouse, but none of the views were as breathtaking as the water of Lighthouse Cove.

When I stepped onto the deck, I realized how beautiful this water was. The smell of the fresh water was everything compared to the tap water. As the sun set, the sight kept growing more, and more beautiful. There was a slight stir in the water, and we knew that we were not alone. There was a Minke whale just below our feet. As it cried out, and sprayed, we could hear our hearts respond. It was so close to us, we could touch it. It was such a magical sight to see, and it lasted till the last bit of sun sank into the sky. We stayed and watched as the magnificent whale’s sounds slowly faded into the distance.

Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Sophie A

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