Maynard Lake, NS - Gerald Print

#RAH2050 Aug, 20, 2019

I live on on Little Albro Lake and my name is Gerald Print and I lived there for 30 years or more, before that I lived on Big Ablro Lake. You know I've lived here for over 70 years, I swam in this lake, live on a lake in Dartmouth that is I've got a major problem in it now granted it's a small lake. It's not as recreational as some of the bigger lakes because there's houses around it but the people use them and we can't seem to get any response from the government to do anything about the problem we have and if it goes on for much longer that lake is going to be lost.

Maynard's lake is another lake that's been closed for some thirty years, nobody seems to want to do anything to fix it, to find the problem and fix it. No it's like a forgotten lake, it had a playground on it, washroom facilities and the whole nine yards but hasn't been there for somewhat twenty years now. You take this lake here if the regatta on the schedule for this weekend didn't go because of green algae I would suspect that the province and the municipality will find a solution for it relatively quick.

I can remember back when I was a kid that these lakes would have a pollution problem just like any other lakes, they'd be down for a week a couple days whatever the hell happened to be. So anyway you're not going to eliminate the whole problem but you're you could make a sizable dent in it and you can monitor before it all gets out of hand you end up with nothing and I hope they all of a sudden see that you know there are other things people in the municipality want and it would be a great loss if these like so the sudden became sludge holes. So well that's my story!

Maynard Lake, NS
Kelly Schnare
Gerald Print

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