Lake MicMac, NS - Greg Locker

#RAH2050, Aug, 20, 2019

I'm Greg Locker and my story is more to do with wintertime. When the lakes here, when I was growing up of course everybody's into hockey, this would have been back in the 60s early 60s, mid 60s. Well we have one of the biggest skating rinks probably in North America really for us that used to freeze over very well and I grew up up on top of Montebello, a territory we as kids had to go down onto red bridge spawn and on Mi'kmaq and up here we were be playing hockey all the way up because you just keep gathering and changing into different games all the way up the lakes.

We could spend all day there and we used to have to when we came out it was so cold usually at that point in time in January when we came down off of Montebello. With the long hike we used to have potatoes in our skates to keep our feet warm so when we put on our skates. This case were warm to start with and it would be a be terrible that I mean with climate change obviously our times playing hockey on the lake or limited nowadays, but with other things that are happening around here that it could really negate that for all the kids around here.

Lake MicMac, NS
Kelly Schnare
Greg Locker

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