Gulf of Mexico, USA - Grace M

Ever since I could remember, I would go to Florida every summer. We would go and stay at my house down in Clearwater. The beach we go to is called Indian Rocks Beach. Before we would go to the beach, we would drive to a place called Lighthouse Donuts. Every year when we walk in, there’s usually a long line and it’s very small so we would all squish in.

My favorite donut is the PB&J donut! Once we’re done there, we walk over to the beach because it’s right across the road. Right at the edge of the beach is a cute little sign that says “only leave your footsteps”. To get to the beach we walk across an old wooden bridge that is so rounded by tall grass and usually has a lizard on it. As soon as you reach the sand, your feet burn and you are blinded from the sparkling of the water.

I don’t have just one connection at Clearwater, I have lots! For example, when I was around 4, I saw a huge fish jump out of the water! Other times, I have seen the family of dolphins or we would go for sunset swims. That’s why I love this beach! I have grown up going there. I will keep making connections every time I go and make memories that I’ll always remember.

12 Mile Creek, BC
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Alison Elliott
Grace M

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