Bay of Quinte - Lake Ontario - Mark Hartley

I essentially started my "water journey" on the Bay of Quinte first by conducting creel surveys for the MNR and then by monitoring the water quality as part of a long-term project to evaluate the ecosystem response of point-source phosphorus controls. I spent hours in a boat travelling up and down the Bay at all hours of the day including early mornings and late evenings. I experienced so many different facets of the Bay from its deep waters of Adolphus Reach to the shallows of Telegraph Narrows and Big Bay, from the sun rises to the sun sets and from the awe-inspiring tranquillity during a storm to the hustle and bustle of the opening day of the walleye season. The Bay is a unique body of water and my time spent on the Bay has had, and continues to have, a lasting impression throughout my life as I have travelled along on my "water journey".

Bay of Quinte, ON
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Mark Hartley

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