Bay of Quinte, - Ruby G

When I was young at the bay, I would swim in the frozen water with my cousin all day. I would sit on the dock with my cousin and listen to the birds chirping. I would always scream when the slimy green seaweed brushed my feet. Sometimes we would even go fishing. I hated the smell of the worms and how they moved on the hook as the water took them away.

When I was young at the bay, I would go down our waterslide and wait for the bay to catch me. Climbing up the ladder I would always have to dodge the spiders and snakes and zebra mussels. The zebra mussels would always catch my feet and I would cry and cry. Then the bay would wash away the blood and pain.

When I was young at the bay, I would watch the jet skis and tubes and boats fly across the ocean. It was always so exciting when I was able to go tubing. I would lather up in sunscreen and put my life jacket on. I remember going tubing with my cousin and letting the wind catch our hair. We would laugh hysterically telling crazy stories and fall off the tube.

As the sun goes down at the bay, I sit by the fire and become sad that the day is over. The mosquitoes come out and begin to sting and bite and chomp at my skin. I sit by the warm fire and roast marshmallows until they are burnt. I make lots of gooey and sticky and messy s'mores. I watch the waves turn calm and eat my s'mores. I slowly would become tired and eventually fall asleep to the sound of the bay.

Bay of Quinte, ON
Ruby G

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