Atlantic Ocean, The Bahamas - Alex S

In 2018, I went to the Bahamas over March Break. My family and I went down to the beach with a couple of our friends. My friend and I decided that we wanted to go snorkelling far out off the coast of the beach. Once we got far out into the water, we dove down into the water. We were amazed by all of the things we saw in the water. Things such as fish, shells, glass bottles, and we even saw a detached anchor from a boat. We came back up and swam on top of the water across the beach and saw so many other cool things.

A couple of days later, we went back to the beach and there were huge waves. We ran straight into the waves. We got tossed around, almost getting pulled out into the middle of the water because of the strong undertow. After we got tired from getting pushed around. We would go closer to the shore and look for sea glass. There was so much of it you could just get handfuls every day. I’ve kept all the things I found at that beach to this day. This is why the Atlantic Ocean is so special to me.

Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Alex S

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