Lake Ontario, ON - Laiken J

Because the town I live in is right next to the lake, I swim in the lake a lot. I feel connected to this body of water because I’ve been swimming in it for awhile. It is also a clean body of water. I hope it doesn't get a lot of garbage in it and it becomes all gross to swim in. But if I saw some garbage in the water I would take it out. A story about my body of water is I went swimming in it a couple years ago and there were very big waves. It was fun because normally Lake Ontario doesn’t have really big waves. It was also fun because that day it was the summer, it was a hot day out and the water was very refreshing.

Another thing I like about this lake is that it is connected with two countries so there are also people on the other side that are also swimming in the lake. I also like that the body of water is big enough to bring about boats. There are a lot of cities that are connected to this body of water so you can go to different cities by water.

Lake Ontario, ON
Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Laiken J

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