Fraser Riverkeeper has been involved in 494 watermarks.
Fraser Riverkeeper is a registered Canadian charity, and a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance. Fraser Riverkeeper is dedicated to the protection and restoration of the Fraser River and its watershed. Fraser Riverkeeper’s mission is to ensure all citizens can safely swim, drink, and fish in British Columbia waters.
Anderson Lake, BC
Arthur S.
Angel's Billabong Nusa Penida, IDN
Andrew Lim Helue
Arabian Sea, India
Anuith Mulper
Atlantic Ocean, Belize
Denna Naemi
Atlantic Ocean, Cuba
Anmol Basra
Atlantic Ocean, Ireland
Peter Allen
Atlantic Ocean, Ireland
Pheonixx Sidwell
Atlantic Ocean, NS
Donna Campbell
Atlantic Ocean, NS
Fleur Parker
Atlantic Ocean
Bea Thiele
Atlantic Ocean, The Bahamas
Allan Magarzo
Atlantic Ocean, Turks and Caicos
Natalie Bradley
Atlantic Ocean, USA
Kelly Mullen
Atluck Lake, BC
Laura Green
Pacific Ocean, BC
Carley Wall
Barkley Sound, BC
Denise Di Santo
Barkley Sound, BC
Tobias Faehndrich
Bay of Biscay, ESP
Ana Belén Asfura
Bayalan Bay, Philippines
Miela Lilles
Beatton River, BC
Mike Put
Beaver Lake, BC
Colin Dooley
Beaver Lake, BC
Peter Falkstone
Bedwell Bay, BC
Nolan Bartels
Belwood Lake, ON
Jessie Percival