Welland River, ON - Paul Grenier

My name is Paul Grenier, I am a regional councilor elected from the city of Welland to the regional municipality of Niagara. My favorite waterbody is the one that is the most important to us in Niagara and that is the Welland River.

Welland River drains almost 90% of the landmass in the region of Niagara and provides the drinking water for the cities of Thorold, Port Colborne and Welland. The river intersects the city of Welland with the old Welland canal and the new Welland canal. It is an important geographical feature for the residents there as we cross it several times. It is always a part of our lives as we see it, and it affects not just people’s properties but every part of their daily lives as they interact in the city.

Welland River, ON
Chloe Cross
Paul Grenier

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