Twelve Mile Bay, ON - Todd Latham

My name is Todd Latham

The name of my waterbody is Twelve Mile Bay.

The waterbody is located in Georgian Bay just off of the Georgian Bay Island’s National Park.

The waterbody is important to me because I’m a swimmer and I practice for Triathlon’s and my most favourite place to do my triathlon training is to swim across Twelve Mile Bay.

My ritual and the reason I feel so connected to it is, the first thing I do when I get to the cottage, I walk to the end of the dock, I look at Twelve Mile Bay, I take a deep breath and I dive in. I swim underwater until i can't feel my lungs anymore and I’m bursting and I turn upside down and I look at the sun sparking through the surface and let out the rest of the air in my lungs, float to the surface and gasp and say, 'thank you' to Twelve Mile Bay.

Then swim my ass of because I’ve got to train.

Chloe Cross
Todd Latham

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