Lake Huron, ON - Adam Schmidt

My Watermark is Lake Huron, Ontario.

We have a cottage right on Lake Huron and also I attend a camp, Camp Celtic, for a couple weeks every year. There’s a lot of water activities - I’m doing wind surfing and sailing and stuff and that’s kinda how I really got into water sports through camp there. And this past year we managed to get a hold of a cottage which I’m really fortunate about. Lake Huron is a great waterbody and you are able to do so many things from fishing to sailing on good days. I’ve seen some people surfing out there too so it’s like a good all round water body. I think that it’s something that I definitely want to see stay for a long time in the future which would be nice and hopefully it stays the way it is now.

[Most memorable experience] I think it was this past year actually Just being out on the water and enjoying it because we have a catamaran, just a daysailer, but it’s a lot of fun just to get out on the water and have fun on it and I know that with the way Lake Huron is going now that may not be a reality for the generations in the future and I think that it would be a huge loss if we have that because I know that I have a ton of fun on the sailboat and it’s just great to get out and have the wind take its course and kind of just be at the mercy of nature and of water. You’re able to go out and fish off the boat if you want to because it is just such a diverse lake as well. And I think that being out on the water in general was great moments through the summer. I can’t really pick out one because there is just too much fun to be completely honest.

There’s one time when I was up at Camp actually and we were out on the paddleboards, so just wind surfboards but without the sails, and there’s a massive island out in the middle of the lake and just paddling out to there, it was sunny out, with a lot of friends just making memories, through that too on the water, it’s just like a fun time in general.

As part of my school program, I am making a documentary about water issues and comparing water issues from here such as like the commercial endeavors of Nestle. And my coworker she’s going to Cambodia. So she’s going to study water issues there and accessibility to water. And we are going to show why there are both so important for such different reasons and why we need to be paying attention to both of them. Nestle is having a huge effect here as well as the water accessibility in Cambodia and I don’t think either one is more important than the other but they’re both so important in their own retrospects. We have our first interview booked up at the end of February actually. So through my youtube channel which is just my name, Adam Schmidt, I have a couple videos up there but I’m hoping to post a couple videos of the process up there and then in the end it will be posted to there and probably Vimeo and I’m hoping to enter it into a film festival so I’ll keep you guys updated.

Lake Huron, ON
Matthew Chisholm
Adam Schmidt

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