Nashwaak River, NB - Lisa

My Watermark is Nashwaak River, New Brunswick.

I have one particular memory with water that has always stick with me. Me and my husband had just purchased land just outside of Fredericton, New Brunswick. Which, was my husband’s home town. The land laid on the shore of Cross Creek River that lead into the Nashwaak River. I’ve personally always loved being on the water and at the creek. Watching the water brush over the rocks and the sound of the water running.

One day, me and my husband and two of our friends were sitting around a bright campfire. I decided to go for a swim down in the water. I don’t remember exactly what happened but somehow I lost my footing and ended up laying on rocks in the water. Luckily, my husband came to find me unconscious laying there. After waking up, we realized that my face was bleeding fairly bad and we rushed to the hospital.

Turns out that I needed some stitches and I had a pretty bad concussion. I was very lucky that my husband came so quickly and that I hadn’t fallen in deeper water. But, it taught me to be cautious and careful around the water. As beautiful as it is, it’s also powerful. I’ll never forget that day down by the creek, but I definitely do not love that beautiful creek any less.

Nashwaak River, NB
Madison Allen
Lisa N/A

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