Lake Huron, ON - Christine Rogers

My Watermark is Lake Huron, Ontario.

As a First Nations, Aamjiwnaang, mother it has always been important to teach my girls the importance of water. Once, after having a particularly stressful day, I took my girls down to sit by the water. The water calms me down, it re-centers me. I honestly don’t know what I would do without water. I guess, I would never be able to re-center myself.

Anyways, one day I took the girls down to the water and began talking to them about the importance of water. Especially in being a woman, I mean a child grows in us and in water for 9 months. Inside your body, it grows in the water, without the water we wouldn’t have the life that we have. Us and water bring children into the planet. We cannot live without water; we need it to survive. It is very important to me that those skills are instilled into my daughters.

Making them very aware of it at a young age. It is one thing I try and always teach my daughters. Never to forgot and to respect everything that water does for us.

Lake Huron, ON
Madison Allen
Christine Rogers

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