Lake Ontario, ON - Jordana Belle-Isle

My Watermark is Lake Ontario.

I'm often at Ashbridges Bay and Kew Balmy Beach on the lake. When I got married, my husband and I took our honeymoon to Hawaii (that was a few years ago) and we did beginner surf lessons like most people do. I loved it! I was wondering how I could surf at home. So, I did a little research when I got back to Toronto and I found that you can actually surf in the Great Lakes in the winter when there is enough wind. So, I met some people through social media and found out that, ya, you can actually surf the Great Lakes. Not many people know about it. People think I'm crazy because the real season for surfing is when the wind picks up so it's mostly in the fall and winter. So, little by little, I got the gear. I've got my 5mm wetsuit and my booties and I go surfing in the winter. It's fantastic! This past year was the first time I surfed when it was cold enough to actually get an icicle in my hair - so some of my hair escaped from my wetsuit hood and I got my first - um - we call them iced selfie. You have to take a photo of this - you have to document it because it's monumental. It's great to do the sport that people associate with warm water, but in the lakes!

Lake Ontario, ON
Amy Wilford
Jordana Belle- Isle

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