Lake Erie, ON - Avery C

My Watermark is Port Burwell Beach at Lake Erie, Ontario.

When I was young at the beach, the waves went over my head as I wandered out farther. Clenching onto my mom and dad’s arms as the massive waves approached me. I remember having the beach to ourselves even as it became darker. It was hot and humid and sticky but I still had a giant smile on my face. I played in the water until my body would ache from hours of jumping and running and swimming.

I remember sitting in the trunk of my car with my cousins until we arrived. My toes would sink in the hot sand burning my feet. Then I rushed to the water, jumping in although it was cold. I was so excited and happy and amazed by the water. I remember jumping the waves with my cousins and creating a game show out of it. I would walk by the edge of the water hunting for seashells to decorate my sand castles with. I would lay in the sun until my back and shoulders were bright red.

When I was young at the beach, I remember having matching swimsuits with my cousin. The beach was crowded with what had felt like thousands of people. I would race my cousins into the cold, cold water. I remember my uncle helping me surf the biggest waves when my dad was with my brother. I would glide all the way to shore. I did handstands and flips and somersaults under the clear water. Jumping with excitement as big waves came near.

As the day ended and it was dark out, I laid on my towel watching the bright stars appear in the sky. It amazed me so much. I would count as many as possible but I knew it was impossible to count them all.. I remember that I would name them all with my cousin. We had the most ridiculous names. Having fun, spending time with my family and going to the beach was good enough for me.

Lake Erie, ON
Avery C

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