Lake Scugog, ON - Michael Bridge

My Watermark is Lake Scugog, Ontario.

The most important waterbody in the world is Lake Scugog, because that’s where I sail. Lake Scugog is the site of many great memories of sailing, and it’s also the site of my search for the best sailing body of water in the world, which is in fact Lake Scugog.

I’ve done a comparison with many other lakes, such as Lake Superior, the South Sea, Oceans, and in my opinion Lake Scugog, is in fact the best place to sail in the world, and that’s why it’s important to me.

I went sailing on Lake Scugog in the moonlight, and it is quite the experience to have the water shimmering all around you, with a full moon in the sky, and a bunch of other sailors, scurrying across the lake, in the absence of power boats.

Lake Scugog, ON
Michael Bridge

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